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Window Films can be used to reduce heat and glare, give privacy, add security, increase safety, give bomb blast protection and reduce the effects of fading by filtering UV rays.  Whatever your glass related issue, TechFitUK Window Films will be able to offer you a suitable window film solution.  Our window films range from our most popular High Reflective Silver and Plain Frosted and Opaque Window Films through to our clearer solar and UV films from our Climate range of products. Facebook



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Our latest successfully completed projects include:-

Techfit UK are proud to be associated with the Safety Guide Foundation!



Poundland Sunderland

Digital printed vinyl replacement at Poundland in Sunderland more...

Homepage - kitchen wrap

Kitchen wrapped in Gateshead today with white gloss, why replace when you can have it wrapped at a fraction of the cost? there are many colours to choose from. why not have yours wrapped in time for Christmas more...

Wardrobe doors colour change with TECHFITUKs vinlys - Matte white Domestic works - Benton - Newcastle upon Tyne

Wardrobe doors colour change with TECHFITUKs vinlys - Matte White at a Domestic works in Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne more...

RN07 dual solarfilm to atrium. Asda - Owlcoates Shopping Centre in Pudsey

RN07 dual solarfilm insatlled to the atrium in Asda - Owlcoates Shopping Centre, Pudsey more...

Privacy Frost installed at Hexham Hospital more...

Macclesfield Leisure Centre

Privacy frost vinyl installed at Macclesfield Leisure Centre more...

External silver 20 installed to offices reducing 78% incoming heat at Ashleigh School in Nottinghamshire more...

Pity Me Dat Care Centre

Translucent coloured vinyls installed to skylightsat Pity Me Day Care Centre more...


1.0 Silver mirror 20 solarfilm at Utilia Alliance in HartlepoolSilver mirror 20 solarfilm installed at Utilia Alliance in Hartlepool more..

Dicksons shop front

Premium ultra light 70% anti-heat & glare installed to Dicksons shop front in Jarrow more...



Why not transform your ordinary glazing with our colourful translucent films more...

Bettys Cafe 

We have recently installed Clear external 175 micron safety / security film at Betty's Cafe in Harrogate more...


Homepage Opaque frost film to numerous classrooms. Blyth Academy  Northumberland 

We have just installed opaque frost film to numerous classrooms at Blyth Academy in Northumberland more...

3. Mirror oneway 20 solar privacy film to all glazing. Hadrian Primary School - Wallsend

We have recently installed Mirror oneway 20 solar privacy film to all glazing at Hadrian Primary School in Wallsend more...


We have recently installed digital printed vinyls at Leon Fast Food Restaurants in Birmingham, The Wirral and Manchester more...

0. Solar Bronze 65 anti-heat / glare film to the Observation Lounge on deck 16 + 17 (main front) of the Norwegian Joy - Singapore

We have recently installed Solar Bronze 65 anti-heat / glare film to the Observation Lounge on deck 16 and 17 (the main front section) of the Norwegian Joy in Sembawang Shipyard PTE - Singapore more...

Digital brickwork vinyl

We have recently installed a digital brickwork vinyl and foamex panels at Freshfields Braukhaus cafe in Freshfields Braukhaus Law Firm in Manchester more...



We have recently installed anti heat / glare film to conservatory roof in Crawley - Surrey more...

2. Digital printed vinyls  - Barbour in Fenwicks

We have just installed digital printed vinyls for Barbour in Fenwicks, Newcastle upon Tyne more...



0. External oneway 20 solarfilm  Explorer 1 - Net Park - Sedgefield

We have installed external one way 20 solarfilm  at Explorer 1 at the Net Park in Sedgefield more...


100 miron safety film with clear silicone edge retention

Our client in Leeds needed 100 miron safety film with clear silicone edge retention installing, it holds glass from breakage more...





1. Manifestations cut to clients specifications - Nexus building - Leeds University

Manifestations cut to clients specifications installed at the Nexus building at Leeds University more...



0. Teesdale School and Sixth Form - Teesdale - Barnard Castle 

We installed one-way mirror solarfilm with anti-heat / glare at Teesdale School and Sixth Form in Barnard Castle more...


2. Privacy etch frost cut to clients specifications - Hendon Gardens - AFTER

Privacy etch frost cut to clients specifications at Hendon gardens in Sunderland more...







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Reduce your Carbon Footprint – Save £££ & The Planet! Our latest successfully completed projects include:-

As a business you are aware of the actions needed to become greener. Our TechfitUK Window Film products will reduce your carbon footprint, save your company thousands and you can feel safe in the knowledge you will contribute to helping the environment.

Air Conditioning

Most offices today are heated and cooled by air-conditioning, a system which is often offered as the only solution for keeping the work place at a consistent temperature. The draw backs are they constantly need attention and they are expensive to run. It is very important that a business maximizes its efforts to ensure profitability, especially in economic downturns. How can our energy saving window film benefit your office?

Staff Productivity

The excessive heat from the sun entering into a building causes a lot of problems for the workers and building occupants.

A study shows that productivity can fall by 50% and accidents can increase by 30% if temperatures of an office are over 24°C.

On the whole, the office space or room becomes very uncomfortable. Window film will reduce “Hot Spots” making the room more comfortable for staff and have a positive effect on productivity for your workforce.

Carbon Emissions Reduction

Not only does architectural solar control window film help cut energy expenditures by up to 30%, its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) scientifically proves solar control window films have a net positive environmental impact worldwide.

Buildings are such a large source of carbon emissions, many building managers and home owners are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. In many cases, solar control window films are carbon neutral within one month of installation. Window films are both carbon-effective and cost-effective, reducing a building’s carbon footprint more effectively and for less money than new windows.


Energy Cost Savings

Having a solar control window film professionally installed by TechfitUK will drastically reduce your utility costs and your carbon emissions tax.

Window film comes in many variations from spectrally selective to high glare control; however they are all designed to reject as much heat as possible according to each films design. The high heat rejection properties of window film allow your buildings air conditioning system to run more economically, therefore saving your business money.


Only a few degrees in temperature reduction can have up to a 25% reduction in cooling costs, due to the laws of thermodynamics, it requires more energy to remove heat from a room through air conditioning than to warm one up. TechfitUK can supply and install our TechfitUK Commercial Window Film with a total solar heat gain reduction of as much as 84%.

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Financial Payback


Window film can and will in most cases pay for itself just through energy cost savings. We can carry out a energy survey of the building, this will help us work out a payback on the window film.


For example, we installed film onto an office with 900m2 area of glass. We could calculate they would get payback on the film within 3-5 years just through energy cost savings! With a guarantee of 10 years and life expectancy 15-20 you can see just how much money they can potentially save!

There are another number of benefits to Solar Control Window Films such as Glare Reduction, UV Anti-Fade Reduction, Privacy One-Way Window Film & Frosted Window Films

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